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September 9, 2003

Place Cory

Cory Doctorow does not rest. Just last year he released his novel, Down & Out in the Magic Kingdom. He also released it for a free download from his website, and got an immense amount of publicity from that. He still updates BoingBoing every day, and somehow, in the middle of all this, he’s managed to put out another book, a collection of short stories titled A Place So Foreign and Eight More. This one he is also releasing for free download, and he also went into a little more detail on his reasoning for giving everything away for free.

In other words, I don’t know how to make a living on electronic text, but one thing I’m 100 percent sure of is that I won’t make a penny by treating my readers like crooks, or by stamping my foot and demanding that the Internet cease to exist, or by pretending that it’s still the golden age of print publishing.

I want to grow up to be half, or even a tenth, as productive as this guy.