September 11, 2003


It’s time to announce a new section of this site. Since we only have seven days left until our baby is born, I’ve had to get cracking on production of an online baby book. My first results can be found at Just like a newborn baby, it is small, immature, a little stinky, and has a lot of growing ahead of it. It’s going to be the place where I dump any and all info about the new kid. I’ve gotten it started with “Sammy’s BabyBlog”, which right now is all about the pregnancy. But that focus will be shifting very soon.

I hope to one day flesh the site out to be more like a traditional baby book. Photos, first words, first steps, all those things that new parents think are so fabulous, and that nobody else really cares about. This way it’ll all be sectioned off so nobody has to wade through it all here on this weblog. If you think you’ll be interested, though, by all means bookmark the new site and watch it grow!

In related news, Larry Lessig’s kid beat mine here by about a week and a half. Congratulations!

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  1. Stepford says:

    Really, really cute site. Looking forward to watching it grow.

    Posted September 14, 2003 @ 3:08 pm

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