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September 15, 2003

Computers? Who has time for computers?

Oh boy, another long weekend. You’d think that we’d be trying to get some rest here in the final days before the baby comes, but in fact we’re more busy than ever. Maybe it was procrastination, or maybe our schedule was just a little out of whack, but a lot of the work that we had hoped to get done around the house just hasn’t been finished yet. The nursery, for one. The nursery was still the guest room a month ago. Two weeks ago it was an utter mess with no furniture but a lot of trash, and it wasn’t until then that I actually got in there to clean things up and rip out the old carpet. But ripping out the carpet was just the first step in getting the nursery ready. Next came the paint. My brother-in-law had lived in that room for a few months, and he painted the walls a pale pink/peach/flesh color that probably wouldn’t have been good for baby’s development. That color would have set back his language and fine motor skills by a few months. And while we had come up with a couple of replacement colors, we hadn’t yet decided which walls were going to get which colors, or gone to the paint center and picked out exact shades, or had the paint mixed, or anything like that. So when did we finally do all of that? A week before the baby is due, of course.

Saturday was Nursery Day, starting in the morning with a trip to Home Depot. We had gotten the paint mixed a couple of days before, so we were ahead of the game on that one. But at the last minute we decided to go with a split-level paint job, the top half of the wall green and the bottom half blue. And that plan required a piece of trim to stretch all the way around the room to cover up the seam where the two colors met in a messy line. So Saturday morning we were at the Home Depot picking out trim and finding just the right shade of yellow that would go well with the colors we had already mixed. Then it was back home to measure and cut the trim, paint the trim, and paint the two coats of blue onto the wall.

Meanwhile, the carpet in the master bedroom was awaiting our attention so it could get ripped out and have the floor painted that perfect shade of Kilz® white. So while the paint in the nursery was drying, we were working on moving all the furniture out of the master bedroom. The catch? Furniture from the nursery had been moved out into the hall, so the furniture from the bedroom had to be moved into the nursery. The nursery was being painted, though. Can you tell this wasn’t planned out very well? We had to wait until the green paint was finished, and then the bedroom furniture could have a home. Now, the furniture wasn’t hard to move out. What was hard was all the other remnants that were in the bedroom. We live in that bedroom, and we have a habit of putting things down where they’ll be convenient to get to the next time we need them. As a result, the room was somewhat of a mess. And it was especially a mess since it was the last room in the house that hadn’t been renovated, so all the castoffs and detritus from all the other rooms had found their way in there at some point. So the latter part of Saturday and most of Sunday was spent with a trash bag and a number of large boxes, going through and categorizing everything in the bedroom. Trash, keep. Trash, trash, keep, trash, keep, keep, keep. We scoured the room, and we slowly came to the realization that a lot of the furniture was just too big to fit through the door, and even if we did get it out of the door, the nursery wasn’t big enough for all of it. So the carpet in the bedroom would have to come up in sections. We focused our energies on the east half of the bedroom, which included the closet. There were things that had been at the bottom of that closet for so long they were beginning to turn to coal. Trash, trash, keep, trash. Slowly, one by one, all the materials of our current and former lives were sorted and taken out of the room. Furniture that was too big was moved onto the other half of the carpet. The television suddenly found itself blocked by the desk. Our fresh air supply from the window was cut off by the dresser. An old hope chest that had been piled three feet high with laundry was dusted off and became the baby’s toy chest. Finally the eastern part of the room was bare. Knives were drawn. Carpet was slashed and ripped from the tack strips that held it down. Dust flew into the air. Cats ran under the bed. It was a massacre. I’m never kind when I’m ripping out that nasty red carpet, but I was especially cruel this time. After all, this is the last room in the house to still have carpet. This is the last time I’ll get to experience the sadistic glee that comes from yanking a 10×12 sheet of rotting fibers from its mooring and slashing it down to manageable size chunks. I have to savor the moment!

Haul out the carpet, haul out the padding, ShopVac the baseboards, sweep up the dirt, it’s the same routine I’ve done a half dozen times before. I am so ready for this work to be over. Get the bucket of Kilz, roll it onto every inch of the room until we have a pretty white floor, paint myself into the western corner and go to bed. Time? 12:30am. Alarm? Set for 6am. Fantastic.

And today after work? The west side of the bedroom needs to be done. I can’t wait for the baby to come so I can get some rest.