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September 16, 2003


Finished. The nursery is basically finished; walls are painted and the floor is carpet free. From here it’s just a matter of shuffling furniture around. After the odyssey we’ve been through to get to this point, moving a little furniture is not going to be a problem. Also done is the master bedroom, the last room to have the carpet removed. And tonight was spent doing—what else? Moving furniture.

We cut it pretty close. These were the last major things that had to be done in the house, and we really struggled to get them done on schedule. (Well, the master bathroom is the last big project left. But we’re not going to discuss that.) These two bedrooms had to be finished tonight. If they weren’t finished, we’d be left a little bit in the lurch. Our bags are packed, and tomorrow afternoon we are going up to Reno. We are getting a room at a hotel, the fabulous Circus Circus in fabulous downtown Reno. What makes it so fabulous is that it is right across the street from our hospital, so when we have to be there at 6am on Thursday, it won’t be so much of a stretch. We’re having dinner at Art Gecko’s the night before, with all our friends. Yes, both of them. And then in the morning it’s off to have this baby cut out of Viola’s belly! After that our accomodations will be graciously provided by Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center. I’ll try to find a phone jack somewhere so we can plug in the laptop and put up a picture of the kid here, but I’m sure Internet access won’t be the main focus of our attention. The baby book might see some updates, or it might not. But I’m not expecting to be writing here a lot.

So that’s why we had to finish the work on the house now. When I leave for work in the morning, that’s it. I’m not coming back home without a baby. So, the bedrooms had to be done. And it took a lot of all-nighters, but we made it. We arrived at our goal. The house is carpet-free. The nursery is painted and actually has baby furniture in it. Every room in the house has been cleaned from top to bottom sometime in the last three months. And here I am, facing a full day tomorrow on only four hours of sleep. Oh well. It’s okay. They say that sleep deprivation has the same effect on your body that intoxication does. If that’s true, then I should be feeling mighty good right now.

Take a look at how far we’ve come. And while you’re doing that, I’ll just take a quick siesta over here in the corner.

Photo of a room in disarray.
The nursery before.

A pretty room with a crib and a pregnant woman.
The nursery now.