November 3, 2003

I wanted to play Semantic Markup Man…

Why tables for layout is stupid: problems defined, solutions offered. Originally a seminar at Seybold, this bit of standards advocacy is now a web slide show, using a variety of comic book characters to drive home the points. The carnival barker shouts “Step right up, folks! Watch as bunk markup vanishes before your very eyes!” The mad scientist cackles about taking over the world through table layouts. But then Semantic Markup Man bursts onto the scene to “save you from a lifetime of drudgery”. A great message with a great presentation; what else can you ask for?

Put together by Bill Merikallio of Scott Design and Adam Pratt of Adobe, who together recently reworked the Adobe Studio website into a sharp looking little bit of XHTML+CSS. A sharp looking little bit of XHTML+CSS that almost validates, if it weren’t for those pesky ampersands. They can take down the best of us, guys.

I think Bill best summed up the current state of web design when he said, “After doing this site, I have come to the conclusion that I love CSS, but hate browsers.”

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