November 22, 2003


The trend of public CSS reworkings of popular sites continues. This time the target is Slashdot, online roost for thousands of geeks. Slashdot is currently mashed together with old-school HTML tricks, and could possibly be considered HTML 3.2, even though it doesn’t validate as such. So in this week’s issue of A List Apart, Daniel M. Frommelt took up the challenge and redesigned Slashdot’s homepage with XHTML and CSS. The results are identical, and Slashdot readers mostly agree that it would be good if /. itself made the switch.

Also in this week’s ALA there is an article about creating graphical headers with JavaScript. It’s based on a technique by Peter-Paul Koch, but the man is none too happy about what Christian Heilmann did with his code (“butcher” is a word that pops up a couple of times). Read PPK’s rebuttal of the article.

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