January 22, 2004


Digital Web today bring us an interview with Dave Shea, creator of the CSS Zen Garden (and author of MezzoBlue)

During most of 2003 I worked for a small company here in town that helped get me to where I am today…But for the past three years I’ve struggled with the sort of things that a lot of us developers in the trenches struggle with. I saw a better way to build Web sites, and for years I tried to impart this vision on the company…I did near everything I could to boost accessibility and promote validation, only to be thwarted by a really bad content management system and coders who continuously couldn’t make heads or tails of the simple markup I’d give them. Tables and font tags would mysteriously sprout up everywhere after I’d handed off my code, because understanding it involved changing methods that, like it or not, continued to work.

The core idea [for the Zen Garden] came as a result of working for a company who just couldn’t see the light. I built it to show, not tell, the benefits of standards. The ironic part is that they’ve never seen it. No, really. I left the company just before Christmas, and to the best of my knowledge in that whole time not a single one of them stumbled across the Zen Garden (aside from one or two I had told). I really can’t explain it.

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