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January 23, 2004


The Head Lemur pointed to, an index site for listing and finding photoblogs on the web. And I said to myself, “Say, you have a photoblog, don’t you?” Why, yes I do. So I listed Sammy’s Photoblog on there for people to find.

Sammy’s site didn’t start out as a photoblog. If you look at the first few posts, you can see I intended to actually talk about life with Sam and the experience of going through the C-section and everything after. But that didn’t quite work out. Either I found it wasn’t that easy to put things into words, or, more commonly, he took up so much time that I never was able to write. So one day I posted just a picture with a few words, and that was it. I was hooked. This was such an easy way to update the page, why would I ever do anything else? Just choose a picture, crop and resize it, upload it, and copy and paste yesterday’s HTML into a new post. None of that pesky thinking or writing that seems to take so long.

And so, slowly, a photoblog was born. And it seems that’s what visitors are really after anyway. They don’t want me to go off on Zen and the art of changing diapers, they just want a picture of the little tyke. So, a photoblog it is.

Crap, nonsense, and vapidity

Miss Alli riffs on PowerPoint:

Oh, and then, we get my least favorite thing in the world. The scourge of the universe. The great agony of mankind. It’s…PowerPoint. NOOOOOOO! The presentation starts with a screen saying, “Objective: To inspire motivation and expand consumer awareness through a targeted advertising campaign.” Okay, first of all, there is no such damn thing as “inspiring motivation.” At all. Second, isn’t that the objective of every advertising initiative? See, it says absolutely nothing, and yet it says it in big letters on the wall. That is the curse of PowerPoint, people — the notion that crap, nonsense, and vapidity sound a lot better if each one of them is a bullet point.


The problem:

Attempting to print from IE6 on Windows XP gives you a pop-up box with the following error:

Line: 639
Char: 1
Error: Invalid Argument
Code: 0
Url: res://c:\windows\system\shdoclc.dll/preview.dlg

It helpfully asks if you want to continue running scripts, but neither “Yes” nor “No” make it happy. You cannot print, and you cannot look at a Print Preview screen.

The solution:

Replace the iepeers.dll file. This can be tricky, because Windows File Protection might replace the file automatically (undoubtedly with a bad backup copy) when you rename it, or it might not even allow you to rename it in the first place. System File Checker is supposed to catch things like this, but of course it doesn’t. What I did, since I’m on a network, was grab a copy from a working computer and copy it right into the folder. Windows warns you about replacing it, but go ahead and do it anyway. If nothing else works, go into Safe Mode and replace the little bugger there. Just be sure you replace it with a good, working, 226kb file from another computer. Grabbing the 84kb iepeers.dl_ from the i386 folder on the Windows CD won’t do the trick.

Then you have to register the DLL: regsvr32 iepeers.dll, cross your fingers, and dance in a circle while reciting an ancient Zulu chant.

Why do you replace iepeers.dll when the error is in shdoclc.dll? Only billg knows for sure. DLL rasslin’ should be an Olympic sport. Even in XP, supposedly the latest and greatest, the DLLs can bring your system to its knees unless you know the right battle tactics.