January 28, 2004

The IE Factor

Douglas Bowman: The IE Factor

Without a doubt, the biggest challenge I encounter each time is in wrangling Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser. This devil does not play fair. It often follows no rules, and its behavior defies all common logic. It will double margins for no apparent reason. Borders disappear, 62 pixels magically turn into 143 pixels. It dodges left when other browsers go right. I’ve decided to call this phenomenon “the IE Factor”.

While working on the final stretch of a client project last week, I got stuck in a patch of quicksand. Design was finalized long ago. The bulk of CSS was authored over the holidays. Mozilla, Firebird, Safari, and Opera were all rendering the design beautifully, give or take a few small hiccups. But the design still had a few major quirks in IE (both Windows and Mac versions). “Ok, no problem — I need to spend an hour or so squashing bugs in IE.” That hour turned into two full days.

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