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March 1, 2004

Back in the renovation saddle

There’s nothing I’d rather do on a Sunday night than rip up rotten floor boards.

It’s all part of the renovations we’ve been doing since last year. It was put off for a few months because of the baby, but things have now settled down a few percentage points, so I can try to get back into things. One bathroom is still ripped apart, but more importantly we’ve been living on plywood floors for months. Back in November we got all the hardwood delivered, but haven’t put it in yet. But before I can lay the hardwood, I need to replace floorboards. Because, you know, plywood isn’t supposed to flex when you step on it.

That’s how I ended up with this fun scene. Some new boards, a few nails, and then I’ll be ready for doing the hardwood. Which is its own special brand of joy.