March 17, 2004

The RSS Vet

So now I have an RSS feed. There’s really no reason it took so long for me to get one after switching to Movable Type. I just don’t care much about RSS, so it was never a priority. And I wanted to have time to look at the specs and make sure my RSS was as nice as could be. I wanted to have as few namespaces as possible, for example, and in looking at the MT templates that the Feed Validator provides, those are lousy with namespaces. So it took a lot of customization time, but I think I finally got something that’s lean and clean, but still validates.

The toughest part was getting <pubDate> just right. I wanted to use <pubDate> instead of <dc:date> because <dc:date> is part of a namespace. But <pubDate> needs an RFC822 date, and MT can’t create one natively, since it puts a colon in its <$MTBlogTimezone$> tag. The answer was found on Phil Ringnalda’s site: use the MTDaylightOrStandard plugin to automatically insert either PST or PDT, and the date will then validate. All so I could avoid using <dc:date>. See how much I hate namespaces?

(For way too much info on RSS dates, read Mark Pilgrim.)

Why do I feel that my headaches with RSS aren’t over yet?

Update: Asked and answered. After posting this and working all night building my own namespace-free template, I found one by Brad Choate. And you know what, it’s almost identical to mine. Except he uses <$MTBlogTimezone no_colon="1"$> which, surprise surprise, gets rid of the colon. Frickin’… frackin’… sunuva…

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