March 22, 2004

Outage II

More on the outage: My web host, F2O, is mostly the blood and sweat of one guy, Dan Cody. Dan, of course, is on vacation, so that’s why everything has gone haywire. I know how that can go, and that’s why I check my office mail at least once a day when I’m on vacation. Things seem to go the worst when nobody’s there to fix them. There apparently are “temporary admins” to run things around F2O while Dan’s away, but they haven’t been able to fix things and are mostly playing a game of “Find Dan” to have him get things running.

So, the obvious question: why am I sticking with F2O? Well, for one thing, this sure isn’t the norm. If this was happening all the time, I’d think about bailing. But as a sysadmin myself, I know how things can just cascade out of control at the worst possible moment, so I’m going to let them slide this time. And I believe in what F2O is doing. The main meat of F2O is providing free hosting for people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to play with PHP, or ColdFusion, or just flat out wouldn’t have a website. So I see my hosting fee as a donation to keep them running. Instead of just lining somebody’s pockets, my nine bucks is going back into the coffers to support F2O. And if that means I’ve got to put up with three or four days worth of downtime, that’s what I’ve got to do. I’m not making any money or running anything critical off this site, so I can afford to just take a breath and let it work itself out.

Of course, nobody can read this until everything gets fixed. It better be only three or four days.

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