March 22, 2004


Had a little bit of downtime this weekend, as my web host, Freedom2Operate, mysteriously dropped off the net. Things are back up now; actually, in a weird turn, the free accounts are working but the paid domains aren’t. So I can get to my site through, the holdover domain from when it was a free account, but, my paid domain, is still offline. For my nine bucks I can put up with a couple of days of downtime, but it’d be nice to see the paid accounts come back first.

And I didn’t really care about being offline this weekend, since I was a little too busy to worry about doing anything on the web. Viola’s cousin got married at a little church in Genoa. Viola was not only a bridesmaid but also the sign language interpreter, since the bride’s father and some of his friends are deaf. It was probably the only wedding I’ve been to where the bridesmaid handed off her flowers and started signing. But it worked out well, the father understood everything that was going on, and Viola once again proved how kickass she is. For my part, I was photographer, videographer, and babysitter. That job mostly boiled down to fending off the hoardes of women who wanted to swoon over Sammy.

So with all that going on, who has time for computers?

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