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March 29, 2004

Windows 2003 and the Brooklyn Bridge

Having just subjected myself to the six-month project of upgrading every single workstation in the company to Windows XP, you’d think I’d want to tackle something a little less strenuous next. Nope. That’s why I’m in the process of building a Windows 2003 server that will take over all the responsibilities of our two NT servers, our Snap Server, and our Linux box. And on top of that, it will be a DNS server and run Active Directory. Now, I know nothing about Windows 2003, DNS, or Active Directory. That’s why I’m on page 418 of a 1600-page book on the subject. My head has been swimming with forward lookup zones and UDP broadcasts and scopes. And I haven’t even hit AD yet, where the chapters get to be 200 pages long. So my sysadmin hat has been resting firmly on my head, leaving my web designer hat to collect dust on the hook on the wall. Yes, yet another excuse for why I haven’t been around much lately. I’ve got a million excuses, I know. Really, though, the bug to write hasn’t been biting lately. To pass the time, go read Scott Berkin on Programmers, designers and the Brooklyn Bridge and Doc Searls talking about religious radio slowly taking over the airwaves (and the Raving Atheist giving religion its daily pounding). And of course keep up with the daily updates over on Sammy’s Baby Blog.