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May 7, 2004

Redesign Season

A new look for the W3C Validator service. Also, a new fresh and breezy spring redesign at Zeldman’s Daily Report.

Going Wild

In one of the more bizarre marketing moves of the year, Chris Pirillo has renamed his annual tech conference, dropping the “Gnomedex” moniker it’s had for the last four years. Henceforth it shall be known as “Geeks Gone Wild”. Yes. Really.

I’ll be going regardless. It doesn’t matter what the banner over the door says, it’ll still be the same inside. If it’s half as fun as Doc Searls makes the ’02 Gnomedex sound, I’ll be satisfied. And I’ve never been to one of these big conferences, because I live in the literal sticks, and these things are always four hours (Frisco) or eight hours (Vegas) or even further away. But now something possessed the Gnomies to descend upon Lake Tahoe, and Lake Tahoe’s so close I could practically walk there if I wanted. (And if you’ve ever tried to get in or out of South Lake on New Years’ Eve, you’d know it’s probably faster to walk.)

Of course I don’t live at the Lake. Most people don’t. Lake Tahoe is probably one of the most expensive places to live in all of Nevada. Lakeshore property can easily run into eight digits. Even rundown apartments and shotgun shacks are more than most can afford. It’s been a long time since the blackjack dealers and keno runners have been able to live at the Lake, and most of them have been commuting from the valleys for decades now. But things are getting so out of control, according to this story, that even firemen and police are having to move away and commute.

Placer County Sheriff’s Capt. Rick Armstrong, hired last year, commutes one hour to work from Gold Run. “I can’t afford to buy a house here and I’m the highest-paid guy here,” Armstrong said. Of 35 North Shore deputies, more than half commute because they can’t afford to buy a home here, according to the captain.

Folks are moving away, school enrollment is dropping, houses are getting more expensive, fleabag motels are getting razed and replaced with upscale shopping experiences. More and more, Tahoe is becoming a playground for the rich, and the rest of us have to be content to watch from the sidelines.

Anyway, enough of that. See you at GnomedexGeeks Gone Wild! Of course, I’m not sure how I’m going to convince my bosses to cough up $200 to send me to something called “Geeks Gone Wild”. I might be better off if I stick with calling it “a tech conference” and not letting them see the credit card bill until afterwards.