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May 12, 2004

Jack’s Bar

The Appeal had a story Tuesday about Jack’s Bar in Carson City. Not much new, except to say that it’s made Preserve Nevada’s list of 11 Most Endangered Places for 2004. Jack’s Bar is a 100+ year old structure in the heart of Carson, in the shadow of the Ormsby House. It’s owned by the same folks that own the Ormsby, and in the article one of the owners is quoted as saying they’re not going to do anything with Jack’s until the Ormsby House reopens.

The structure’s old, the walls lean a little bit, and it just might go down if we ever had an earthquake. But it’s still a part of Carson, and I think it should be left, fixed up if possible. It’s one of those places that just belongs, that makes the town. Right now it’s being used to store one of the cool Guns ’N’ Roses emblems that came off the side of the Ormsby House.