May 13, 2004

Graphic Blues

And speaking of all these new redesigns, where can I go to buy some serious graphic design skillz? Seriously. I’m sick of not being able to make purdy pictures on the computer. See the Ormsby House page? That’s about the best I’ve got. That’s my limit. And that’s just cropping existing photographs. What happens when I try to create something out of nothing? Well, let’s just say the results are tragic, and usually end in euthanasia.

And then you’ve got someone like Douglas Bowman, who has this to say about working on the new Blogger redesign:

Some of the icons were sketched on pen an paper (ahem, numerous times). After finalizing an approximate look, the icons were drawn in Illustrator using a pressure-sensitive Wacom tablet and pen to create the base artwork, then cleaned up by manipulating paths and Bézier curves within Illustrator.

So few words. “approximate look”. “base artwork”. “cleaned up”. Sounds so simple. And what’s the final result? This:

I hate him. Or, actually, I hate myself for not being like him. Why do I have to bust my ass just to create a site that looks like crap, when there are so many people that can just sneeze out beautiful graphic design? What am I doing wrong? Why don’t I know what a Bézier curve is?

Like I said, I gotta get me some mad skillz.

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  1. Kalrac says:

    First off, you don’t have a tablet, do you? That would probably make graphic design of that sort considerably easier. No more fighting with mice to get the shape you want, you just draw it. And remember, I’ve seen the Rainheads, so I know how well you can draw.
    Also, a Bezier curve is a curve define by four points. There are the two endpoints, and two control points. You pull the control points to define the shape of the curve. The curve will pass through the endpoints, but not necessary touch the control points. The idea is that the line between the endpoint and the control point will be tangent to the curve at the end point. Through the magic of Linear Algebra, you get a curve from all of that.
    In other words, if you open CorelDraw and draw a line, then hit “Convert to Curve” on the line, that’s a Bezier you get.

    Posted May 14, 2004 @ 9:39 pm

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