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May 21, 2004

Outlook 2003

I just today figured out that the latest version of Outlook comes free when you buy Exchange Server. An Outlook 2003 CD was part of the package I got with Exchange 2003, but I figured it would have Product Activation requirements. So I put the CD away, and forgot it even existed. I was sifting through a stack of CDs today when I found where I had stashed it away, and decided to pop it in the box. And what do you know, no Activation required!

So now I have my next project before me. Play around with Outlook 2003, and figure out if it’s worth upgrading everyone in the company. It’s supposed to have a lot of nifty new features that really take advantage of the nifty new features in Exchange 2003. The downside is that we’re still running Office 2000, so Word, Access, and all the rest will get left a few versions behind. But I guess that’s why I need to run it on my computer for a while first, to see if that causes any problems.

I did find my first tip already, though. When you install Outlook 2000, it puts a shortcut on your desktop. This is not only handy to open the program, but you can also right-click it to work with the mail profiles on your system. Outlook 2003 doesn’t put that shortcut on. But I found a registry key that will bring it back. So I’m already learning stuff!