October 1, 2004

Gnomedex III

The blogging panel is going on now. Dave Taylor, Ross Rader, Jason Shellin, Adam Kalsey, Nick Bradbury, and Robert Scoble.

You don’t need to be in the audience to be in the audience anymore. The panel is being broadcast live at IT Conversations, and they have a form on their site where you can submit a question to the panelists. Then there’s a guy here with a laptop who steps up to the mic and reads the question. And you can hear the answer on the webcast. So why did I drive all the way up here?

Well, I came here for the experience. Just getting to see what the audience is doing, as well as the panel. Scott Johnson from Feedster just came up to the mic and said that porn is starting to show up in RSS feeds. Now, anybody can hear that part on the webcast. What they can’t see is that, at that point, most of the laptops in the room suddenly surfed over to Feedster.

Also, when you’re here, you can realize that all these people out there are really real. Jeremy Zadowsky is sitting in front of me, doing something in command line on his Mac. Darren Barefoot is in the next aisle over, wearing a German Army shirt. Anil Dash just stepped up to the mic, and when he was finished Steve Gillmor was next in line. These folks have always just been words on a screen, but now they’re really flesh and blood. What other chance would I have to put faces and voices to the words, and do it all so close to home?

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