October 2, 2004

Gnomedex VII

This morning we had the Future of Online Content panel, with Jason Calacanis, Greg Reinacker, Scott Johnson, Peter Kaminski, Dan Gillmor, and Steve Gillmor. We actually got some heated discussion this time around, with Jason saying C|Net reviews are worthless because there’s so much advertising, and Steve Gillmor and Patrick Norton (in the audience), both of whom work for C|Net, coming back at him. Somehow the discussion also drifted along to gun control and whether auto manufacturers should take responsibility for highway deaths. It’s safe to say things got a little off topic.

Right now we’re on a lunch break, but it seems like there’s always something going on here. They’re up on the stage now doing a live edition of the Gillmor Gang with some of the panelists. Actually, they say it’s live, but don’t believe it. I tuned in here in the hall, and there’s at least a twenty second delay. Truth in advertising, folks.

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