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November 9, 2004

Firefox 1.0

It’s been a long road and a long wait, but Mozilla Firefox has finally reached Version 1.0. Firefox is the first browser in years that has shown any sign of actually cutting into Internet Explorer’s domination, and it’s been doing it with a beta release! Now that Firefox is actually “finished” and “official”, we should see what it can really do.

Firefox can be downloaded via a link on the main page, or from the FTP directory. But if you want to avoid the crush and give their server a little breathing room, they have also made it available via BitTorrent. Here is the torrent file, archived on my server, so if you have BitTorrent you can grab it and get started.

I’ve only been using 1.0 for a few minutes, but at first glance it seems like they didn’t change much from the Preview Release. The release notes do mention a bunch of bug fixes, and I guess when you’re that close to a major release, all you want to do is fix the bugs. Save the new stuff for 1.1.

Go Team Firefox!