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December 1, 2004

Urban Wildlife

This summer when Carson City had its big wildfire, thousands of acres of forested hillsides right at the edge of town were burnt to ash. These lands were home to countless animals, wildlife ranging from deer to snakes and black bears. With their homes destroyed, and now with winter setting in, these displaced animals had two choices: press further up into the hills, into unburnt lands, or come down into the valley and try to coexist with the upright monkeys that live here. Already several bears have been spotted and at least one was captured and taken back to an unburnt area of the forest.

I haven’t seen any bears around here, but a couple of weeks ago we did have some other visitors. They only come around on the weekend when the neighborhood is quiet, but they sure seemed to be enjoying their stay.

The same day there was one other exotic creature that let me get close enough to snap a rare photo: