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December 2, 2004

Amazing Race BitTorrent Files

This is an archived page dealing with The Amazing Race 6. These trackers are most likely dead, but maybe you’ll get lucky. For The Amazing Race 10, currently airing in the US, look here. Season 7 (which is also on DVD, so go buy it), Season 8, and Season 9 are also available.

A lot of people are coming to my site looking for BitTorrent feeds of The Amazing Race. And since I know it can be frustrating to find these things sometimes, and since BitTorrent is the 21st century version of tape swapping, I posted the torrent files for TAR6 here.

Now, I don’t maintain the trackers for these, and I’m usually not seeding them. So if you’re having trouble with the downloads, I’m not the guy to talk to. This is just a public service to spread the good word of TAR. Keep watching the show, keep telling your friends, and keep those ratings up!

If you’re looking for torrents of other TV shows, you can go to the same place that I get my torrents from, I used to have a list of others, but a lot of torrent sites have been shutting down due to lawsuits. I guess that’s what happens when you offer torrents of movies and games! BTEfnet only offers torrents of TV shows that have aired in the past week, stuff that’s freely available for anyone to tape and share. So hopefully they’ll be safe. And if you’re looking for previous seasons of TAR, all I can say is good luck. I found previous seasons by searching for “amazing” on SuprNova, but it looks like most of the trackers have died and the torrents were removed, and now SuprNova’s dead too. Maybe those previous seasons will resurface somewhere else one day.

But now, here’s TAR 6!

Episode 1, “The Game’s Afoot”, aired 2004-11-16

Episode 2, “I’m Not His Wife, He Doesn’t Need To Yell At Me”, aired 2004-11-23

Episode 3, “Counting Bears Is Not Rocket Science”, aired 2004-11-30

Episode 4, “What If It Isn’t Sanitary?”, aired 2004-12-07

Episode 5, “Quit Following Us”, aired 2004-12-14

Episode 6, “They Probably Should Have Some Counseling”, aired 2004-12-21

Episode 7, “Phil Is A Choo-Choo Charlie”, aired 2004-12-28

Episode 8, “One Of You, I’m Gonna Break In Half”, aired 2005-01-04

Episode 9, “Tell My Mom I Love Her”, aired 2005-01-11

Episode 10, “Are There Instructions On Donkey Handling?”, aired 2005-01-18

Episode 11, “It Always Comes Down To The Details”, aired 2005-01-25

Episode 12, “You Deal With This Before I Hyperventilate”, aired 2005-02-01

Episode 13, “4 Continents, 24 Cities, 40,000 Miles”, aired 2005-02-08

Bonus Files

Here are a couple of bonus clips, TAR6 commercials grabbed off my own VHS tapes. The first one shows scenes from all the previous finish lines, then says, “Wait ‘til you see how the next one begins.” The second is the best commercial I’ve ever seen for TAR, a rockin’ 60 second ride with dozens of clips from the TAR6 premiere, all set to the music of Joey Ramone.

“Endings” Commerical (00:20, 5.2MB, .wmv)

“Amazing World” Commercial (01:00, 15.2MB, .wmv)