December 4, 2004

Size Problems

Here’s one drawback about the amount of photoblogging I’ve been doing lately: my speed report shows that the total page load for my weblog is over 1 megabyte! A dial-up user would take at least 4 minutes to load this page, and that’s if they’re running at 56K! Of couse this number goes up and down as I post more text entries and the photo posts get bumped off, but even the text alone weighs in at 16K.

I guess I have a couple of options. I could photoblog less, but I don’t see myself following that route. If anything, I’m going to be photoblogging more in the future. I could use extended entries, so readers have to click to a second page to see all the pictures. But I know I don’t like that on other people’s sites, so I don’t want to do it myself. I could compress the images more, or make the thumbnails smaller, but that cuts into the quality.

Or I could just do nothing. This is what I’m leaning towards. The page doesn’t revolve around the images, and there’s enough text to keep people busy while they load. Maybe everyone skips over the picture posts anyway.

So I’m not going to worry about it unless I start getting complaints, but it’s still funny to see seven digits for my total size.

P.S. Just posting this entry bumped one of the photo posts off, and dropped the page size below 1 megabyte. So I really think it fluctuates too much to worry about.

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