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December 7, 2004

E-mail Takes Flight

Last month, the Mozilla Firefox browser finally hit version 1.0 and came out of its “beta” stage. Now this month its fraternal twin, Mozilla Thunderbird, has done the same. Thunderbird is the e-mail program that’s designed to go hand-in-hand with Firefox, so it makes sense they should both have their first official releases so close together.

There’s not a huge difference between Thunderbird 0.9 and 1.0, at least not that I can notice yet. But I’m sure there’s plenty going on behind the scenes that will make it better to use. I just hope they refined the spam filter; I’m still getting junk mail slipping through to the Inbox every day. I wonder if Thunderbird has a SpamBayes extension?

There’s a download link on the Thunderbird main page, or you can go right to the FTP folder and find the right file for you.