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December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas Everyone

I want to let you in on a little secret. Atheists don’t hate Christmas. Well, maybe some big-city militant atheists do. But most of us average, honest, hard-working atheists love it. We love the family, the togetherness, the trees, the presents, Santa Claus, and all the thousands of other little secular things that have come to define the holiday. After all, Christmas was originally a pagan winter fesitival before the Christians horned in on it, so I have no problem sharing as long as everyone behaves. The problem is, people seem to be behaving less and less every year. Maybe we’ve got blogs to thank for that; as more people blog, more people are able to fight about petty little things. And this year it seems like the cries of “Keep Christ in Christmas” and “Keep Christ out of Christmas” have just been growing so loud that there’s nothing but chaos out there. And I want to add a single voice to the din, one that simply yells, “STOP IT!!!” I don’t see what anyone has to fight about. We celebrate Christmas just like any Christian family does, except with a lot less Jesus. Just look for yourself: this is what Christmas looks like in a moderately liberal atheist household.

Pretty familiar, isn’t it? So have a Merry Chistmas everyone, and let’s all try to get along a little better next year.