February 2, 2005

Rebel Dad

Rebel Dad.com: A father puts the stay-at-home dad trend under the microscope. This blog is all about stay-at-home dads and invloved fatherhood. They’ve even got the Rebel Dad Podcast.

And while I’m not a stay-at-home dad exactly (I do work 40 hours a week), it feels like it sometimes. I’m definitely an involved father. I put the kid first and work second, so there’s one step towards being a rebel dad. I used to go to the office at 7am, but now I don’t get there until 11 so I can spend some morning time with Sammy and Keirra. There’s a second step. And the biggest step: I actually take both kids—my own son and my niece—into the office each and every day. My office looks more like a daycare than a server room sometimes. And while I’m taking help desk calls or working on the server, the kids are playing at my feet. It’s not “stay-at-home” fatherhood, but it’s definitely not what most guys are doing. So I think it qualifies me as a Rebel Dad.

And of course I keep up the Sammy Blog, which seems to be making the transition from a daily picture to an every-other-day picture. That’s a bad trend. I’ve got to stop that.

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