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March 2, 2005

Amazing Race Bittorrent Revisited

This is an archived page dealing with The Amazing Race 7. These trackers are most likely dead, but maybe you’ll get lucky. Season 7 is now out on DVD, so go buy it! For The Amazing Race 10, currently airing in the US, look here. Season 6, Season 8, and Season 9 are also available.

I got a pretty good response, or at least a lot of search engine hits, when I posted the torrent files for the Amazing Race 6. So, I’m going to do the same thing for The Amazing Race 7. Starting today, and for the next thirteen weeks, you’ll be able to come here to find the .torrent files for all the episodes so far. Hopefully this season turns out to be better than the last, which started out so promising and fell apart so fast. It looks like the casting is better this time; let’s hope all the good people don’t go home early!

I’ll give the same disclaimers I did before. I don’t maintain the trackers for these, and I’m usually not seeding them. So if you’re having trouble with the downloads, I’m not the guy to talk to. This is just a public service to spread the good word of TAR. Keep watching the show, keep telling your friends, and keep those ratings up!

If you’re looking for torrents of other TV shows, you can go to the same place that I get my torrents from, And if you’re looking for previous seasons of TAR, all I can say is good luck. I found previous seasons by searching for “amazing” on SuprNova, but the trackers are dead and so is SuprNova. Maybe those previous seasons will resurface somewhere else one day.

And now here’s TAR 7!

Episode 1, “Courteous? This Is A Race!”, aired 2005-03-01

Episode 2, “The Whole Country Hates Me”, aired 2005-03-08

Episode 3, “Do You Need Some Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation?”, aired 2005-03-15

Episode 4, “What a Gaucho You Are”, aired 2005-03-22

Episode 5, “I’ve Been Wanting a Face-Lift for a Long Time” Part 1, aired 2005-03-29

Episode 6, “I’ve Been Wanting a Face-Lift for a Long Time” Part 2, aired 2005-03-29

Episode 7, “Houston, We Have An Elephant”, aired 2005-04-05

Season 7 Recap Special, aired 2005-04-06

Episode 8, “Mow ‘em Down Like Grass”, aired 2005-04-12

Episode 9, “We Have A Bad Elephant!”, aired 2005-04-19

Episode 10, “We Got a Gnome! We Got a Gnome!”, aired 2005-04-26

Episode 11, “The Devil Made Me Do It”, aired 2005-05-03

Episode 12, “Finale”, aired 2005-05-10

Bonus Files

Again I’ve copied another TAR commercial from tape. They didn’t have anything as great as the “Amazing World” commercial this year. Instead they had 30 seconds of the “most inspirational moments” from previous races, like Aaron throwing his life away with Hayden, Charla bringing everyone to tears on the mat, and Gus and Hera at the Door of No Return. Over all this, the text says, “If you think all reality shows are alike, if you believe unscripted TV can’t move you, if you still think there’s nothing good on TV, this show will change your mind.” I also saw a version that said, “If you think the Amazing Race is just a race…” so I guess they made a couple of versions.

Anyway, now that I’ve built up the commercial to be a lot more than it is, go check it out:

“Change Your Mind” Commerical (00:30, 7.6MB, .wmv)