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March 13, 2005

Does This Mean It’s Spring?

For the last week the weather’s been in the 70s and sunny. I guess that was enough to coax these flowers out of the ground. They’re the advance scouts, sent ahead to make sure everything is safe above the surface. If they return safely, the rest of the flowers will know they can make their move.

Daffodils. Nature’s periscope.

Most folks look forward to spring, but I dread it. Sure it puts on a pleasing face, with the warm breezes, the flowers, the trees blooming everywhere, the longer daylight hours, and all that. But running underneath it all is this quiet menace, this lurking shadow of what’s around the corner. The dark side of spring is that it’s so short. Around here we only get a few weeks of what you’d consider “warm” temperatures. It doesn’t take long to segue from “warm” to “stifling” to “oppressively hot”, and even now, when it’s 70 degrees, I can feel a hint of what’s to come. It’s that feeling you get when the sun is a little to bright, and its rays hit you a little too hard, and by May you don’t want to go outside because you start sweating within seconds.

So these two little flowers signal another end to another winter. Only seven months now until it gets cold again, eight months until first snow.

I can’t wait!