March 15, 2005

The Upgrade

Today I made the leap, and upgraded this site to Movable Type 3.15. I’d been sitting at version 2.6 for the longest time, mostly because the free version of MT is limited to only three weblogs. Yes, I only have two blogs right now, this one and Sammy’s photoblog, but who knows when I might want to add more. What about my wife’s blog, when she wants to start one? What about the Carson City blog I’m thinking about possibly one day looking into starting? What about converting my Ormsby House site to Movable Type? What will I do then?

Well, screw that. None of those ideas have congealed into reality yet. They’re still floating around out there in dreamland. And in the meantime I’m running this site on old software. So just upgrade it and stop whining already.

So that’s what I did. The upgrade is in place, and guess what? It still works! I didn’t screw anything up! I can still post and publish!

Sometime the smallest miracles are the most thrilling.

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