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March 20, 2005

Welcome to Spring

Here in Carson City we celebrated the first day of spring as only we know how, with two inches of snow!

The State Captiol in the early morning.

The flowers that were so happy just days ago are shut tight and hoping the sun comes back soon.

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More V&T News

Today, again, the Nevada Appeal devoted their entire front page to one story (two, actually, but both on the same topic) and a huge photo. But the difference this time is that the story is actually interesting, so I don’t mind so much. Yes, I’m fickle. Pander to my interests and I’ll give you a free pass.

Anyway, the story today concerns the Virginia & Truckee Railroad, which I wrote about not too long ago. This is the project where they’re rebuilding the railroad tracks that were torn up 70 years ago, creating a tourist railroad between Carson City and Virginia City. This article touches on a lot of different aspects of the project. It even has an interview with the owner of the McCloud Railway that sold a steam locomotive to the V&T, and a picture of #18 (a picture that measures 9.5 inches in the print edition).

There are also a couple of paragraphs on Hugh Marshall, who had plans years ago to rebuild the burnt International Hotel and construct the “Silverland USA” theme park in Virginia City, complete with an underground mine roller coaster. That project fell apart, and his plans now are a tad less ambitious. He’s going to start construction soon on an AmeriHost Inn on E Street, right along the old V&T right-of-way. So he’s understandably excited about the train coming to town, too, since it will run right through his front yard. But one thing stands in his way. Right now the existing V&T, running between Virginia City and Gold Hill, stops a few blocks away from where Marshall’s hotel is going to be located. And between him and that terminus stands Tunnel #6, which collapsed and was paved over decades ago. The V&T project as it stands now has no plans to reopen Tunnel #6, and Marshall says the cost of doing so would be $1.2 million. It might happen one day, since the original V&T depot on E Street is also on the far side of Tunnel #6, and I’m sure the V&T would love to operate out of that depot instead of the modified boxcar that Bob Gray’s operation is housed in now. But I don’t think they’re going to tackle Tunnel #6 until the tracks have been laid all the way down to Carson City, and right now that’s not supposed to be completed until 2008.

Ever onward, I guess. The first step in the project is to cross the Overman Pit, and the groundbreaking ceremony for that is next month. After being talked about for twenty years, this project is finally taking off. Exciting times!

Update: The groundbreaking was on April 6, 2005. Look here for pictures of the event, as well as the Overman Pit!