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March 29, 2005

The Wiggles Are Coming

We’re going to see the Wiggles!

Being the parent of a young son, I’ve found that there is very little children’s music that’s also palatable to grown-ups. Most music for kids is stupid crap like Barney, which seems designed to stop kids from developing any kind of potential they may have. Instead it saps the budding intelligence right out of them, intent on creating the next generation of couch potatoes. Either that or it’s insipid crap like “Kidz Bop”, where a chorus of roughly 175 pre-teens all get together to sing the latest “hit” songs, each in their own key. The result is what one reviewer called, “Karaoke night in a kiddie bar.” There must be a market for this kind of stuff, because it just keeps selling, but I don’t envy the parents that have to put up with it echoing around their house all day.

That’s why it’s so refreshing to have The Wiggles. Because even though their music may be for kids, it’s also pretty catchy, listenable stuff. The four guys are from Australia, and maybe it’s what they put in the water down there, or maybe something’s different about the sunshine in the Southern Hemisphere, but they manage to straddle that large divide between kid’s music and good music. Quite a feat, but they’ve perfected it to the point where I don’t dread popping their CDs in during a long drive. I actually look forward to it, since I dig the hell out of bouncy, fun music, and you don’t get a lot of that on the radio these days. And the kids love it too, so that’s really what it’s all about. Our six-year-old neice, Keirra, can sing along with most of the songs, and it’s just about the only music that little Sammy will dance to. They’ve really set the bar high for children’s music, and for us to listen to anything else, it will have to live up to the standard that’s been set by The Wiggles.

So that’s why we’ve decided to do one of the most brave things you can do as a parent, and maybe one of the most foolish: go to see a live show.

We found out that The Wiggles are starting their West Coast US tour next week, and that they’d be stopping in Sacramento, which is just a two-hour drive from our house. We cruised over to the TicketMaster site, and it turned out that there were still tickets available. That’s kind of surprising, since the impression I had gotten was that their shows always sell out pretty fast. So once we found out there were tickets available, there was no doubt in our minds that we’d be going. A few clicks later, and we were the proud owners of four tickets. Relatively painless, but that was the easy part of the process. Now we actually have to survive going to the concert. We’ve never been around that many kids packed into such a small place, although we have been to Chuck E Cheese, and that’s probably the lite version of what we should expect. This show’s going to be quite unlike anything we’ve experienced, and we only have three weeks to get prepared. Wish us luck!