April 23, 2005

Saturday at Lake Tahoe

It’s not many people that get to say, “I’m going to Lake Tahoe on business.” I’m one of those people. Of course, it’s about a 45-minute drive in a company car to get here, but still. There’s always the excitement. This time I’ve put together a few photos of the drive up.

At the top of Hwy 50, at Spooner Summit, is Spooner Lake. It spends most of the winter and a good part of spring frozen over.

Lake Tahoe has some of the most expensive real estate and homes in the country. Here is a custom house that was just built last year. Just the land that it’s sitting on I’m sure sold for over a million dollars. The price of the house? I don’t even want to guess.

Right across the highway from that last house is this dense tangle of trees and brush, with a little stream running through it and a couple of waterfalls. Things like this are so easy to miss when you’re travelling at 55 MPH along the Lake.

Cave Rock was always one of the big obstacles to building a road around the Lake. This chunk of granite, which the Washoe indians believed to be a spritual place, sticks out from the steep slope on Tahoe’s east side and juts out into the water. The first road along here was little more than a wooden bridge, circumventing the rock high above the water. Eventually engineers blasted this tunnel instead. Today there are two tunnels through the rock, one for each direction.

Here’s a better view of Cave Rock, from the opposite direction.

The Round Hill Mall, where RCI has a satellite office. An outdoor mall doesn’t make the most sense in snow-bound Tahoe, but it’s what everybody builds.

RCI’s front door. There are only five computers at this office, and a T1 line connecting them to Carson, so I rarely have to come up for a visit. I can do most of the work remotely. It’s only on occasions like today, when I’m upgrading two of the computers, that I need to make an on-site visit.

Our office has a shared bathroom, which means there’s one restroom in the middle of the building with three doors, each one leading to a different shop. This situation led to someone making this sign.

I can’t show you any of the office itself. You know, top secret, classified stuff. But I can show you the conference room, which is the nicest part of the office anyway.

It’s nice to get away from the valley and up to the Lake sometimes, even if it means working on Saturday. It’s still nice and cool up here, and there’s still snow in some of the deep shadows. I’ve got to make this a more regular thing!

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  1. Christopher Baus says:

    You should have stopped by for lunch. I work across the street on Elks Point road.

    Posted April 23, 2005 @ 2:37 pm
  2. Lynnette says:

    Loved the pic of the house… My hubby and I always joke that it’s our vacation house as we drive by!

    Posted April 29, 2005 @ 2:05 pm
  3. Jonas McEntyre says:

    I’m pretty sure the owner of the home is Bluthe he has a similar property on market in Incline Village for approximately $15,000,000 if remembering correctly??? I think he recently owned the CAL/NEV casino although he might have sold it within the last year or two?. Average home price in Lake Tahoe is 1M, east shore a little higher @ 1.27M and suprisingly Incline a little less @ 1.23M. He was recently in a law suit with the TRPA for a permit violation when constructing a water fountain in the front yard not sure if visible in your picture???

    I was in RCI’s office discussing Condo Forms of Ownership at the top of Kingsbury grade with Darryl in the conference room oddly I don’t remember the fireplace.

    Posted November 4, 2005 @ 12:57 pm

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