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April 25, 2005

All Jethro, All The Time

Yesterday was another Full-Page Sunday over at the Nevada Appeal. The newspaper has gotten into the sporadic habit lately of devoting the entire front page of their Sunday edition to just one story, usually with a huge photo or infographic to go along with it. This week the front page is about Max Baer, Jr., and the long saga of the Beverly Hillbillies Casino.

Click for a 610kb full version

The accompanying article is also one of the longest I’ve seen in the paper, starting in a little box on the front page and then continuing on the back page, where it was given six full columns and 10 vertical inches. It, and the timeline taking up half the front page, give a pretty thoroughly-researched view of what’s been happening with Jethro’s Casino over the past few years. It’s written by Becky Bosshart, a journalsitic powerhouse who seems to be writing all the articles for the Appeal these days. All the big ones, at least. Or at least all the ones on topics that actually interest me enough to read all the way through. I want to see Becky blog. I bet it’ll be better than anything that makes its way into the paper.

Anyway, I don’t know about this tendency to fill up the whole front page with one story and related graphics/pictures/sidebars. They’ve already been doing that on the front page of their Sunday “C” section, Personal Appeal, for years now. And none of the stories that got the full-page treatment were hot, breaking, front-page news. They would have fit in just as well, if not better, on page C-1. Maybe it was a slow news week, so they put this story together just in case there were no major fires/car crashes/assassinations on Saturday. I guess that’s one of the peculiarities of newspaper publishing. Something’s got to be on the front page, so you might as well have fun with it. As opposed to a blog, where every single thing is front page news, at least for a while.