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April 26, 2005

The Wiggles in Sacramento

Last Tuesday we went over the see the Wiggles show, and we actually managed to survive an auditorium full of hundreds of toddlers. And we got a nice day trip to Sacramento and a good show out of it too, so there were winners all around.

The show was at Sacramento’s lonely Arco Arena, a huge stadium in the middle of nowhere. Well, at least for now it’s in the middle of nowhere. It’s surrounded by empty fields, but most of them have “Coming Soon” signs for 46-acre shopping centers.

These parents set up a tailgate party in the parking lot. Teach the kids early, I guess. There was also an SUV there that had “Go Wiggles” painted on the window, the way people do to support their kid’s high school team.

We were very happy that the line was a fast-moving one. And the only reason there was a line at all was because they were checking backpacks. Somehow I don’t think The Wiggles are a prime target for Al Qaeda, but I guess you can never tell.

Sammy is ready for the show!

The Arco Arena seats over 17,000 people, but the entire upper section was closed off along with large parts of the bottom. But the parts that were open were nearly packed full.

Once the house lights went down, all eyes were on the stage. The Wiggles drove out in their “Big Red Car”, and proceeded to fill the next 70 minutes with singing and dancing. There were video cameras all around the auditorium, and close-up views of the stage were shown live on huge TV screens on either side. There were props, and costume changes, and sixteen people in all coming and going from the stage. Here are a few pictures from the show:

So I guess we’re officially parents now. It’s this kind of thing, that you do just for the kids’ benefit, and you actually end up getting into it more than the kids, that means you’ve crossed the line. There’s no going back now!

Now, where’d I park that minivan?