May 5, 2005

Nevada State Quarter

The five finalists for Nevada’s State Quarter have finally been unveiled. The State Treasurer’s office is asking all residents to go to their website and cast a vote for which one should be picked. Voting is open until the end of the month. And then next year, in 2006, our quarter will finally go into circulation.

(Update, June 2, 2005: We have a winner! Check here for the results.)

Here are the five finalists. Click on each one for a bigger version.

#1: Wild horses, running free. At least until the BLM rounds them up and sells them for slaughter.

#2: A Tule Duck and a Dat-So-La-Lee basket, celebrating the natives that have been here for thousands of years. Plus a little Grimes Point thrown in for good measure.

#3: Prospector Sam, back from a hard day at the mines.

#4: Giant Bighorn Sheep will come down from the mountains and terrorize us all!

#5: A star, sagebrush branches, and pickaxes. How many state symbols can you squeeze onto one quarter?

Okay. Got your favorite one picked out? Well, hop over to the website and put your vote in! Personally I’m still undecided. I’m confused, since none of them feature whores or slot machines, the things that Nevada’s most well known for. Might as well go with Prospector Sam, then.

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