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June 11, 2005

Everybody Needs AutoStitch

I just found the most awesome tool for working with digital pictures. I was sifting through the LangaList from April (yes, I’m behind on my e-mail), and he posted a letter from a reader about this tool AutoStitch. What AutoStitch does, and I’ve been looking for this functionality for years now, is you throw a bunch of pictures at it, and it will create a panorama out of them. It’s only 700kb, but it will look at all the pictures, line them all up, rotate and distort them as needed, match the brightness and contrast, and produce for you a single .jpg that is a perfect panorama. And it does it all in about 30 seconds. And, most amazingly, it’s completely free!

Yeah, but how well does it work? Sure, there are some samples on the website that show 57 pictures being stitched together into a completely stunning panorama. And the program includes a few pictures that you can use to test it out. But the best way to test it is to throw your own stuff at it. So that’s what I did.

I remembered that a while ago I had travelled up to Virginia City and snapped a bunch of photos of the Overman Pit to put into a panorama. After about a half hour of trying I threw up my hands in frustration and called it quits. But I still had the pictures on my computer. Would AutoStitch be able to do what I failed at?

First I grabbed five of the Overman Pit pictures that looked like they were all taken from the same spot.

Then I set AutoStitch to work on them.

And the result? Totally, completely awesome.

And it only took about twenty seconds to do it! So run out right now and grab your copy of AutoStitch. The developers say they’re looking for someone interested in building commerical products with AutoStitch. To my mind, this should be included in every copy of Adobe Photoshop and Corel Photo-Paint ever sold. It’s just that essential of a tool for anyone working with pictures.