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June 15, 2005

Looking For Layer 12

Poynter Online has an article by Steve Outing, The 11 Layers of Citizen Journalism. It’s a pretty good rundown of all the ways people out in the community can contribute to a website. But, since it’s published by Poynter, it’s aimed at newspaper staff and only talks about ways of adding your reader’s voices to what “real” journalists write. Too bad it doesn’t go beyond that, to what happens when “the citizens” build news sites without newspapers and journalists involved. That’s far more interesting to me.

Anyway, the 11 layers:

  1. Opening up to public comment
  2. The citizen add-on reporter
  3. Open-source reporting
  4. The citizen bloghouse
  5. Newsroom citizen ‘transparency’ blogs
  6. The stand-alone citizen-journalism site: Edited version
  7. The stand-alone citizen-journalism site: Unedited version
  8. Add a print edition
  9. The hybrid: Pro + citizen journalism
  10. Integrating citizen and pro journalism under one roof
  11. Wiki journalism: Where the readers are editors

Go read the article to find out more about these 11 layers.