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July 21, 2005

I Feel So Dirty

Officially, it’s so I can learn how well Macs integrate into a Windows network, and study the viability of perhaps getting some Apples for our employees that are more Mac-inclined. Unofficially it’s just because I’ve never owned a Mac before and I want to play with one. But whatever the reason, when you can justify putting a Mac Mini on the company credit card, you jump at that opportunity.

A Mac Mini package

The one thing I’m not too thrilled about is that, even though Mac OS 10.4 Tiger has been out for a couple of months now, the Mini still comes with OS 10.3 Jaguar installed. What they did instead is slip a Tiger upgrade disc into the box, so at least I don’t have to shell out the $129 right away for the upgrade. But still, this means that my first 45 minutes of experience with the Mac is spent doing an upgrade. Since they claim to be so proud of their out-of-the-box experience, why wouldn’t they start shipping them with Tiger installed? Maybe it’s because I ordered from Amazon, and they’re still depleting their Jaguar stock? I don’t know.

A Mac Mini being held in my hand.

Anyway, any kind of review is going to have to wait because it’s all so overwhelming all at once. This is my first experience with OS X, and I’m going to have to take it slowly. But one thing I can say is that my websites, both this one and AroundCarson, look exactly perfect in Safari. So that’s kind of relief to me, since I’ve never tested them on a Mac, and a kudos to the power of standards, that we can finally build complicated sites that work equally well in all browsers.

But now, my indoctrination into the world of Apple must continue.