August 31, 2005

Expo 86

I found a pretty in-depth site about Expo 86. Expo 86 in Vancouver was the last World’s Fair held in North America, and the only one I’ve been to (even if I was only 10 years old). Up until now information on the web has been scarce and scattered, like here, here, here, and a list of links here. But by far the most extensive I’ve seen is this site, looking back at Expo 86. A bit of a warning, all the pages on the site consist of a single 1120×725 jpg file, so you’ve either got to have your resolution bumped up or prepare to do a lot of scrolling. And the whole thing is laid out like a glossy brochure, where you have to flip from one page to the next, and there’s very little text. But there are hundreds and hundreds of pictures here of the fair, so even for all its shortcomings it’s definitely a site to point to.

Also, one of the curiosities at the fair was the floating McDonald’s restaurant (seen here). After the fair it was towed to a boat junkyard and left to decompose. But that doesn’t stop some people from rowing out to it and sneaking around on board. Look here for an account of an illicit expedition to the “McBarge”.

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