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September 2, 2005

Condos in Reno

Wow. I finally finished writing this article I’ve been working on all week, and it is a beast. It clocks in at almost 2,500 words, with 23 embedded photos and links to a dozen other articles. It’s all about the new trend in Reno, taking a run-down hotel and fixing it up to be high-priced condominiums. There are no less than nine projects going on in Reno right now, that have either already started or are in the planning stages. No doubt there are more floating around that haven’t been announced yet. I speculate on a possible 10th project in my article. If it ends up coming true I want a finders fee.

The Comstock Hotel, soon to be Riverwalk Towers.

But of course I couldn’t just write a sentence or two about these projects. I had to dive right in, putting up pictures of each of the properties and detailing its history (this is why I went to Reno on Wednesday). The result is an article that will probably turn most people off halfway through. At least I can hope that a few will make it to the end.

So go read the article. It’s posted at Around Carson, and it’s titled The Reno Condo Invasion. And if you have any more details on the history of any of these hotels, don’t hesitate to add your own story in the comments. That’s what they’re there for.