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September 7, 2005

Real Life

Been a little light on posting lately. Sorry to those dwindling few of you who keep checking back, expecting something new. But I’ve been trying some new things lately, like actually going to bed the same time as the rest of the family so that I’m not a zombie in the morning, and actually working while I’m at work. So far, it seems to be going well. Who knew?

I do have stuff I want to work on. I’ve got to put together an Ormsby House update, since it’s now a full week into the new month, and I’d like to have the August update done before October. And I have so much programming and posting to do at Around Carson that it just seems overwhelming. But, the site did hit a milestone over the weekend – the first content posted by someone other than me! Go check it out…five photographs by Kurt Marko, proof not only that a couple of people are noticing what I’m doing over there, but also that the home-built PHP I wrote for posting photos actually works! I can dig it!

But, I need to build a way for people to post to the main blog there. And that means switching away from Movable Type and over to WordPress, and tying the authentication in with PHPBB’s user tables, and that task is just so astonishingly daunting that every time I start on it, I have to go lie down. I’ve got to get it done, though, because allowing everyone to post stories and write comments is supposed to be the heart of that site, and I’ve got to step on it and get something going before the Nevada Appeal beats me to it. I’ve got the jump on them, but only by a little, I’m sure.

Plus, Sam is back at the office with me, and he’s at that age now where he wants all attention on him at all times, so it’s hard enough to do my normal work, much less slip in a little personal time. So don’t go away, real life just happens to be getting in the way of the web right now. Things will shift again soon, I’m sure.