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October 27, 2005


Yeah, I’ve been slacking off on writing anything. Days since last post? 10. I’ve been adding a few things over at Around Carson, but mostly it’s just been a dry couple of weeks. I haven’t even been reading blogs as much as usual; those links there on the right have gone unclicked more often than not lately. And so it’s times like this I’m glad I still don’t use an RSS aggregator. Could you imagine how many unread posts I’d be looking at right now?

Today was the last day of the week for us here in Nevada. Tomorrow is when most of us get the day off for Nevada Day, a state holiday that’s really celebrated on Saturday. But you can’t give people Saturday off, since most professionals have it off already, so the State Legislature gave us Friday too. So today really feels like a Friday around here. Everyone leaves the office early, and we’re all looking forward to the three-day weekend. Not that I’ll be having a three-day, personally, since I have to go in to make up some time that I’m short for the week. But, that’s nothing new. I’m always working on the weekends as it is. Sam has started preschool, and it’s Daddy’s job to take him in the morning. So that means getting me up, getting him up, getting both of us dressed, making lunch for both of us, and then taking him to school. Which happens to be in exactly the opposite direction from my office, so after I drop him off I have to backtrack seven miles before I’m finally on the way to work. So I get to work late, and then I usually end up leaving early for one reason or another. The result? Five-hour work days. Am I complaining? No. But it usually means I’ll be working the weekend to make up the time. Which, when you think about it, is a pretty convenient time to do IT anyway. Nobody’s in the office, I can do whatever I want to the servers, I can grab people’s computers and take them to my office for upgrades, I can play podcasts as loud as I want; there are definite advantages to working on the weekend. And this week, Friday is actually part of the weekend. So I’ll be working on Friday this week, which will give me a rare two-day weekend for a change.

There’s a parade and fireworks on Saturday, although I’m not sure if we’ll be going to them. Sometimes the idea of going to the parade is more exciting than actually doing it. You have to go downtown, find a spot to squeeze into the crowd, and stand in one place for two hours. Your reward? Shriners.

Last year we made an especially poor choice in picking where to stand. For some reason, everyone thought that our spot was a good place to cut through the crowd to get to the street. So during the entire course of the parade people were squeezing by me, some of them saying, “Excuse me,” some of them just pushing through, and I’d always have to take a couple of steps to the left to get out of their way, or a couple of steps to the right, and I had Sam in the baby sling so my balance was off anyway, and after the first fifty times it started getting a little old, you know? So if we do go, we’ll have to find a better spot. Maybe along the fence, so nobody can cut through. But then, to get a spot by the fence you have to show up an hour early, and who wants to do that? There are probably people already starting to camp out today to get a good spot. I noticed the grandstands were already set up along Carson Street. So maybe we’ll just skip the parade this year.

Last weekend we went on the Ghost Walk. I had never been on it before, but it’s a big deal around Carson and getting bigger every year. A tour guide takes groups of 50-75 people on a walking tour of Carson City’s west side, stopping along the way to tell stories of the ghosts that haunt the houses. A few of the houses open their doors to the tour groups, and others have little skits going on on the sidewalk. It’s all a lot of fun, and I took over a hundred pictures. I want to sort through them all, pick out some good ones, and write up an in-depth article about the Ghost Walk. I even brought my iRiver along to record the audio, so I’ll have sound files for everyone to download. The problem with a plan that ambitious, though, is that usually it never gets out of the planning stage. That’s a big problem I have. I have this huge idea for what I want to do for the website, but I don’t want to do a half-assed job so I put it off until I have the time to do it right. But that time never comes, and so I end up posting nothing and putting up no pictures. And so it kind of sucks. Sometimes I think I’d be better off just putting up something half-assed, and then making it better when I do get the time. Just my special brand of procrastination, I guess.

The Ghost Walk pauses at the Bliss Mansion.