November 15, 2005

Stop Taking Snapshots, Start Taking Photographs

I’m starting to notice a pattern here. See if you can spot it:

November, 2002: We buy our first real digital camera, a Fuji 2650.

November, 2003: I drop the Fuji 2650 on the pavement, so we have to buy a replacement, a Fuji A210.

November, 2004: Wanting to enter the brave world of digital video, we buy a digital camcorder, a JVC GR-D230.

So, looking at the historical data going back three years, it looks like every November we buy ourselves a little early Christmas present of the electronic variety. So, being November 2005, and since traditions have a way of repeating themselves, whether you want them to or not, it was time for us to buy something else for ourselves.

Fuji S9000 camera

This time we left behind the world of mediocre digital photography and inched closer to the world of kick-ass digital photography with the purchase of a Fuji S9000 camera, as close as you can get to an SLR without actually buying one. This camera is so different and so much better than any we’ve had before. It has an actual telephoto zoom, up to 10x. It has real focus and exposure controls. It can actually shoot in low light without creating a dark, blurry mess. You turn it on, and it’s ready for its first picture in under a second. You take one picture, and it’s ready for another one in under a second. And it’s got a real piece of glass on the front of it, unlike those tiny little lenses that are so common on the pocket cams. And it takes pictures at 9 megapixels, which gives it one of the highest megapixel ratings in the consumer market. Higher even than bad-boy SLRs like the Nikon D50 and the Canon Digital Rebel XT.

Now of course megapixels aren’t everything, and if you’re mostly taking photos just for viewing on the screen, it’s ludicrous to shoot at such a high resolution. But this S9000 has a 5MP mode that I’ve been getting a lot of use out of, and the photos I’ve been taking with it are worlds better than anything I got from either of my previous cameras. Have a lookee…

Fuji A210, 2MP

Fuji S9000, 9MP

Okay, that’s a little unfair. The first picture was taken in the spring, with the sun behind the house. The second was taken at sunrise with fall colors everywhere. But beyond those obvious differences, there is just a crispness and a clarity in the second image that’s missing from the first. It’s the difference between taking a snapshot and taking a photograph. With this camera, I’ll be able to get a lot more photographs.

Keep an eye on the Around Carson photo gallery. That’s where I’m putting pictures these days, more than anywhere else. And of course Sammy’s photoblog will immediately benefit from the new camera.

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