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December 5, 2005

Short Ormsby

Got five seconds? That’s all you’ll need to check out this month’s Ormsby House gallery..

Just one page, and three pictures. Don’t get too excited!

This picture cannot be rotated in the Wizard

I’m running into a new snag with my new camera. It’s just a small thing, but it’s still annoying.

To copy my pictures onto the computer, I remove the memory card and pop it into a card reader in my computer. And then I open up Microsoft’s Scanner and Camera Wizard to preview the pictures, rotate them, and copy them to a folder. Everything worked fine with the other cameras I had, but with this new Fuji S9000, when I try to rotate a photo that I took in portrait mode, I get the message that “This picture cannot be rotated in the Wizard” Which…why? These pictures are being saved as JPEGs by the camera, same as every other camera I’ve had. What is so special, or screwed up, about this camera that the wizard is unable to rotate them? What I end up having to do is copy them without rotating, then go into the folder where they’re saved and rotate them there. Which adds an unnecessary extra step.

And then, on top of it, when I enter that phrase, “This picture cannot be rotated in the Wizard”, into Google, I get no hits. None. Does that mean I’m the only one having this problem? That my camera is so screwed up that I’ve discovered a new bug in Windows? Maybe they’ll name it after me.

Hopefully by writing this, I’ll get that phrase into Google, and others with the same problem can seek me out. So add a comment if you’ve seen this problem. Maybe together we can figure it out.