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December 15, 2005

Seattle Bound

Seattle bound, Seattle bound; in just ten days we’re Seattle bound.

Yes, it’s an exciting time for all of us here at the Schrantz Ranch. In addition to all the Christmas craziness that always goes on this time of year, and my wife working 9-to-10 hour days, which is something new and a little stressful, we’re also getting ready for a trip up north. Through the generous gift of timeshare, thanks to my mother-in-law, we’re spending a week in downtown Seattle, at the fabulous Camlin Hotel which is one of the many fine resorts in the Trendwest family. (Can you tell I’m shooting for a Trendwest sponsorship? Call me!)

We’re flying up on Christmas Day and hanging around until New Year’s. And while part of the trip is dedicated to family, visiting my parents and brother, the big reason we’re going up there is just to become more familiar with the city, get to know the place, explore its neighborhoods. Every time we go there, it seems like we’re so rushed we don’t get to enjoy anything. Last year we packed a visit to the Aquarium, Pike Place Market, a harbor cruise and the Pacific Science Center into just one day, and that kind of thing will just drive you nuts. Our schedule was off, we didn’t have time to stop and eat, everybody was cranky, and what kind of vacation is that? We were so busy trying to get to the next place that we didn’t have time to stop and look around at where we were. So this time we’re taking it slow. Go to the Market and spend some time there. Maybe even (gasp!) buy something other than souvenirs. Check out some local restaurants. Hang out in some WiFi coffee shops. And just generally get to know the Puget Sound area, and see if this crazy dream we’ve both since before we met had about moving to Seattle has any legs to it.

Of course we wouldn’t live in the city. We’re not suicidal. We’re suburbanites at heart. The concrete canyons just don’t call to us like they do others. But neither does living in the sticks, something that both of us have been doing here in Nevada for a very long time. So somewhere up in the Pacific Northwest there’s got to be a spot that’s right for us, somewhere that the streets are quiet but it doesn’t take ten minutes to get to the nearest Wal-Mart.

So, I’m putting the question out to all the Seattlites out there. What should we do and see while we’re there? What restaurants should we check out? What neighborhoods are a good place to live?