December 25, 2005

Welcome To Rain City

View from a window.

We flew into Seattle this morning, and checked in to the Camlin Hotel, which is now owned by the Worldmark vacation club. Cool old hotel, completely gutted and remodeled just few years ago. We don’t have the best view out our window, but during the 20’s when it was built you could see all the way down to the water. So I hear.

They offer wired internet access in the room, $3 for one night or $10 for your whole stay. Not too bad, I guess, considering that the Luxor in Vegas charged $11 per night. But then, when I switched on the latop I discovered an open WiFi signal and was able to hook into that. So, depending on how reliable this hotspot is, I might not have to string ethernet cable all the way across the room after all.

We’ll be here all week, through New Year’s. I’m sure I’ll be posting more, if I get around to it.

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