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December 2, 2005


Job’s Peak in Snow

We had our first big storm of the season this week. No snow in the valley, but it rained for almost two days straight, which is a real rarity around these parts. It was so bad that some of the windows in the new Carson Valley Plaza were leaking because they weren’t able to handle so much water. Then this morning the skies had opened back up to their usual blue, but as temperatures dropped below freezing all the puddles left over from yesterday’s rain started turning to solid ice. So drivers this morning had to deal with sheets of ice lining the roads and gutters, until things finally warmed up enough to melt them.

Just another winter in Nevada, I guess.

December 1, 2005

Firefox 1.5 Released

After months and months of being in beta, Firefox has finally released version 1.5 of its web browser. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of new features, but I think this release was all about cleaning up the code and polishing the user interface more. The Options window, for example, doesn’t really contain anything new, but it’s all been reorganized.

This new product launch is supposed to be accompanied by some kind of marketing blitz, trying to get the word of Firefox out. Part of this looks to be user-created video testimonials, called “Firefox Flicks”. The webpage, which is the center of Mozilla’s marketing efforts, today only has a splash page telling you to go download 1.5, and to get ready for Firefox Flicks. I suppose they could have timed that a little bit better, to be ready when the browser was. But open-source efforts seem to pride themselves on being disorganized messes. That’s why it’s such a shock that Firefox is actually becoming more and more mainstream all the time. I’ve heard they’re hoping to grab 10% of the browser market by the end of the year. If they ever did any real advertising and marketing, instead of just grassroots geek stuff, they could probably get more than that.

Anyway, here’s my contribution to the grassroots geek marketing effort. Go to and update to the new version. Or, if you’re still using IE, go grab a copy and try it out for a few weeks. I was skeptical once, and thought I’d never be pulled away from using IE, but after forcing myself to test drive Firefox for two weeks I never looked back.