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January 3, 2006

Home Unsweet Home

We’re back from Seattle, but of course it’s impossible for me to just write a quick note saying so. I have to work on some big post, with pictures and paragraph after paragraph of text, and it takes four days to put it all together, and by the time I’m finishing it up it’s not even topical anymore. I guess that’s just my lot in life as a procrastinator. So I’m forcing myself to write this quick post first.

Where we are.

We flew in Monday night, going from warm weather with a few rain drizzles in Seattle to snow and ice and mud and flooded streets in Carson City. Apparently we missed one of the largest floods in years while we were gone. (Good time to get out of town!) But now we’re back, and everything’s nasty here, with a layer of snow on top of the ice that formed when the flood waters froze, and we’re sad that we’re here instead of in Seattle, and I’ll be writing more about all this later.

Seattle Center
Where we want to be.

I’m slowly building a Flickr photo set about our Seattle trip. Check it out.