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January 10, 2006


Downtown Seattle

Our week in Seattle passed by like a dream. When we were there, we were in a different plane of existence, and all the memories of home started to melt away, like we could just leave it all behind without a worry. We toyed with the idea of never going back, of staying in our hotel and living out of a suitcase forever. Get new jobs, buy all new stuff, and just never come back. But we had that return plane ticket, and the hotel was going to kick us out on a certain date, and the rental company wanted the car back, so it all had to come to an end. And now that we’ve spent a week back home in Carson City, which in the last couple of weeks has experienced rain, flooding, mudslides, snow, and ice, we feel like we’re waking up to the real world. And we desperately want to go back to sleep.

Kerry Park

One thing we did accomplish on this trip was to build a closer bond to Seattle itself. On all our other trips up north, we would drive by Seattle on the way to somewhere else. We stayed way out of town, and maybe we’d come visit the city for a few hours one day, or drive through on the way to catch a ferry, or even stay one night in a hotel so we could pack in more sightseeing with less driving. But we never got to spend any time in Seattle, not real time, not driving and walking around time where we could put aside the list of tourist attractions and see the places where people really live and work and play. We were always so rushed, and haunted by the fact that we had an hour’s drive back to where we were staying, so we better leave before it gets too dark, but we need to try to avoid rush hour on the freeway, and are we going to eat dinner here or on the way back, and oh I’d really love to drive over there but we just don’t have time to do it today. Sorry. Maybe next year.

Pike Place

No, this time we stayed right downtown, and we stayed there for eight nights. So we actually spent time in Seattle itself. We experienced how crazy the streets can be, especially with all the times we had to drive through the Denny Triangle (What we learned? Don’t plan on making a left turn from Denny Street. Can’t be done). We made trips to Westlake Center. We spent time exploring all the levels of the Pike Place Market. We drove through Magnolia, and Capitol Hill, and Queen Anne, and all the other neighborhoods that we never had time for before. We stepped outside every morning to a soft drizzle falling from the sky, a drizzle that never quite let up through the day. We passed the pink elephant more times than we could count.

New Years at the Needle

And we tried to make it our goal to eat every meal at a restaurant that isn’t available to us back home. Sure we still went to chains, but chains we don’t have in Reno, places like Old Spaghetti Factory, Azteca, and Pagliacci’s Pizza. But we also sought out local eateries. Places like Mama’s Mexican Kitchen in Belltown, some of the best Mexican food we’ve found in all the northwest. Von’s Grand City Cafe in the Roosevelt Hotel. And T.S. McHugh’s Irish Pub and Restaurant in the shadow of the Space Needle.

Pike Place Fruit

But even with all the time we spent in Seattle, there’s still so much we missed. You could spend years in the city and not see it all. So I guess there’s only one solution: we’ve got to go back, and soon!